Spell King Set (Print)

Like all Blue Manor books, the genius of the Spell King series is in its simple form and style. Simplicity combined with short, bite-sized lists help children rapidly master new spelling words without feeling confused or overwhelmed. The spelling words in these books were hand-picked and strategically grouped together in lists of six words or less. They were selected for their common letter formations, sounds, and usage in everyday language. The seemingly “academic” words complement Blue Manor’s other subjects to reinforce what a child is already learning by helping with review and retention. Plenty of room has been provided for children to practice writing out each word, and a short quiz has also been included at the end of each list. Additionally, an index is located at the back of the book for easy review or to drill certain sets at a glance. Children are encouraged to work through this book for mastery, so they should use it according to their needs and at a pace that challenges but doesn’t overload them. When they master these books, your child will be well on their way to becoming a true spelling king!


The Spell King series is a complete spelling curriculum for preschool through 6th grade.

Book 1: 131 pages

Book 2: 139 pages

Book 3: 126 pages

Book 4: 101 pages