5-Minute Bible Stories (print)


The Bible is a big book, and there are literally hundreds of stories and lessons to choose from. That can make it very hard to know where to start teaching your children. We have designed this book to take away the guesswork. This book condenses the whole Bible down into the most essential stories, retold in a way that is appropriate and understandable for children. This program is designed for children ages 4-12, and will take them through a series of foundational Bible lessons, starting with a six-story synopsis of the entire Bible and then progressing into hundreds of other essential Bible stories. Each Bible story is masterfully simplified so that only the most essential elements remain, making teaching and retention a cinch. While there are hundreds of good Bible programs out there, none are this simple. This book is broken down into 154 5-minute lessons and quizzes, which are further broken down into simple steps. Parents and teachers, with this system, you will never have to plan a lesson, and you won’t need any teaching experience. Just follow the steps for 5 minutes each day, and be amazed at how quickly your child’s understanding of the Bible grows. God Bless!



Ages 5-12 / 163 Pages/ Print (Paperback)

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