Phonics Early Readers – Level 2 (print)

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This set of phonics early readers is designed to complement the Blue Manor phonics system. Though more challenging than Level 1 early readers, these stories are just as fun and wonderfully illustrated. Phonics Early Readers Set (Level 2) is a collection of six funny and exciting stories: Frog’s Snack, Frog’s Trip, Frog’s Swim, Hopping Mess, Pretty Bug, and Kip’s Hunt. Happy reading!


Ages 4+ / 85 Pages/ Print (Paperback)

2 reviews for Phonics Early Readers – Level 2 (print)

  1. Jamie

    This is a great book for kids that have the basics down and are ready for something a little more challenging. I love that it introduces some bigger words to keep kids learning.

  2. Lisa Griffin

    Very fun read! Beautiful pictures! My son’s favorite story was Kip’s Hunt. He loved the wolf with the glowing yellow eyes!

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