Aesop’s Fables (print)


Delight your children with the wisdom of Aesop. Master illustrator and storyteller Britton LaTulippe gives new life to Aesop’s timeless fables with amusing dialogues, clear moral lessons, and magical illustrations all created to excite the imagination of young children. Inside this book are twenty of Aesop’s most memorable fables: Turtle & the Hare, Lion & the Mouse, Fox & the Crow, Goose & the Viper, Two Proud Goats, Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, Lioness & Her Cub, The Difference Between An Elephant & A Rat, The Ambitious Crow, Who Will Bell the Cat?, The Sheep Who Cried “Wolf!”, Eagle & the Arrow, Bear & the Bees, Grasshopper & the Ant, Cat’s Paw, The Vulture’s Meal, Flies On Honey, Brother Bulls, Sour Grapes and Kestrel & the Lady Eagle. Happy Reading!


Ages 5-12 / 52 Pages/ Print (Paperback)

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