Phonics Early Readers – Level 1 (print)

This collection of phonics early readers should be the first book your children read on their own. Designed to complement Blue Manor’s phonics system, this book is a fun and exciting confidence-booster for young readers. Phonics Early Readers (Level 1) is a collection of six fun stories: A Pet Pup, Dog Tags, Cat & Rat, Bad Dog, Crab’s Band, and Pig’s Pen. Happy reading!


Ages 3+ / 53 Pages / Print (Paperback)


3 reviews for Phonics Early Readers – Level 1 (print)

  1. Katie

    These books are designed to go with the phonics instruction book (5 min phonics) and I think they would be a good supplement. The text is very easy to read and see, not super fancy, and I think it is a very nice collection of stories for beginning readers.

  2. Jamie

    Supe cute! Great early reader!

  3. Lisa Griffin

    Very cute book! It reminds me of Bob Books but with better pictures! My son enjoyed reading them.

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