Penmanship Workbook (print)


Blue Manor Penmanship is everything your child needs to become a proficient writer. This workbook begins with pre-draw exercises, moves on to penmanship for letters, numbers and punctuation, and includes plenty of blank penmanship worksheets at the back of for additional practice. Like always, simplicity is our secret to success. Blue Manor Penmanship is divided into 5 sections. Each section begins with teaching tips and explanations to help the teacher understand the process, mechanics and methods of fine penmanship. For students, there are 139 5-minute lessons involving learning how to construct letters and numbers, then tracing them, and finally composing them without guides. By the end of this book, your child will understand the mechanics and aesthetics of fine penmanship. Happy writing!



Ages 3-6 / 169 Pages/ Print (Paperback)

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