What to know for kindergarten

What to Know for Kindergarten

What to know for kindergartenAsking what preschoolers are required to know for kindergarten and asking what they should know for their age are two entirely different things. The truth is that the prerequisites set by most kindergartens across the country are relatively low compared with children’s actual abilities. That is why Blue Manor curriculum is careful to cover the “basics,” but definitely surpasses the minimal requirements. That said, let me start by listing the requirements for kindergarten (what you need to know to enter kindergarten). There is not a national standard; these are just suggestions. Most states, districts or school boards set their own regional standards that you can find online. The list below comes from a private charter school and is slightly more advanced than the average public school, but is still in the general ballpark.

Requirements to Enter Kindergarten

Social and Emotional Development
  • Child is eager to learn
  • Independence (dressing, eating, general hygiene, cleanup)
  • Personal facts (full name, parents’ names, age)
  • Respectful and obedient
  • Able to sit still for short periods (15 minutes)
  • Knows how to ask adults for help
  • Counting (verbally 1-10)
  • Number recognition, identification and sequencing (1-10)
  • Sorting by size, color and shape
  • Recognizing and copying simple patterns
  • Shape recognition (square, circle, triangle, rectangle)
  • Identification of less/more between 2 groups
  • Listening skills (follows 2- to 3-step directions, retells information)
  • Recites or sings the alphabet
  • Letter recognition (capital and lowercase)
  • Concepts (big/little, up/down, first/last, like/different, etc.)
Physical Development
  • Gross motor skills (jumping, running, throwing, catching)
  • Fine motor skills (controlled cutting, drawing, stacking, taping, gluing)
  • Traces simple shapes (straight line, square, circle, triangle)
  • Traces letters
  • Can draw and communicate using simple pictures and symbols
  • Recognizes colors (black, white, brown, gray, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple, pink)
  • Pretend role-play
  • Music appreciation

What to know for kindergarten - requirements to enter kindergarten and a Free printable checklistNow, these are extremely basic standards.  Your children are capable of far more.  That is why our Christian preschool curriculum covers these basic requirements, but then adds Phonics Reading, History, Weather, Vocabulary Builders, Five Senses, Character Development and more. Don’t worry, you won’t overwhelm your kids.  They can learn all this in just 10 to 15 minutes, once or twice a day, three to four days a week.

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