Free Preschool Lesson Planning Printables

Free Preschool Lesson Planning Printables

Use these free preschool lesson planning printables to help you make goals and routines!

It will help your children learn more and help you teach more!


These free printables are unique because they come in multiple versions. There are pages that have the headings filled in for you, like the page above. However, if you want to write in your own heading and create a custom routine page, there is a blank one so you can do just that!

In fact, there are blank planning pages in multiple formats. You can see all the ones included below.

What do we use my preschool lesson planning printables for? The possibilities are endless and not limited to preschool of course! The weekly schedule helps us map out special activities we are doing as a family or with multiple children. The lesson page helps us plan what we will do for a particular subject. The goals page is fun to fill out with our children and see what they want to accomplish!

Then there are the subject schedules to help us keep track of what we did or we can use it to map out what we would like to do. 

We recommend letting your children set the pace so don’t try to schedule too many specifics. General schedules in time blocks work best! For example, 5 minutes of reading, 5 minutes of math, 5 minutes of writing, art time, try making it less specific and more general like the example below!

Download your 13 pages of preschool planning printables now!