character development how to teach

How to Teach Character Development

Without a divine creator or a moral guide that everyone can reference, morals are like sifting sand. That’s why I believe character development is an extension of Biblical principals. It is applying what you’ve learned from the Bible to your life.

how to teach character development

In our home, we give our children the definition of a character trait that we want them to understand, read Bible verses that relate to it, and do an activity that helps them practice.

The Most Important Character Trait

The first and most important character trait to teach your children is discipline. Educating an undisciplined child is not worth the effort. The disciplined child is a source of joy to others and himself, but the undisciplined child’s behavior makes him and others loathe his company.

character development how to teach

Rewards and punishment need to be firmly established, and consistency is key. When your children can trust that you are going to do what you say you are going to do, they will not test you for long.

The Most Important Values

There are many different values that you might want to instill in your children. I believe the most important are Faith, Respect, Obedience, Honesty, Hardiness, Cleanliness, Independence, Responsibility and Generosity.

The best way to teach these values is to capitalize on everyday moments and become the person you want your children to emulate. For the most part, young children will mimic what they see their parents doing. They are smarter than they seem, and they know when Mom and Dad aren’t practicing what they preach.

Don’t worry. You have time to work on yourself, because instilling values in your children takes years. It is a combination of disciplining, rewarding, encouraging, demonstrating and practicing. The parents who are able to inspire children to accept these values as their own, educate their children for life.

How to Instill Character Traits

There is something simple you can do right now to influence your children. It’s the same thing you would do to work on your own development. That is READ! Before you practice the values you want to instill in your children, you can read them books that will inspire and teach them.

That’s why Blue Manor has developed one of the best character development series for young children! Through children’s favorite farmyard characters, the most important traits are demonstrated in these exciting stories. Each story is followed by reflection questions and/or Bible verses. Your kids will love it!

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