What is Blue Manor Academy?

Raising Children For Greatness.

Blue Manor Academy

The first online prep school for homeschooled children.

Blue Manor is the first of its kind: an affordable online prep school for homeschoolers.

In success, prep schools outperform all other forms of schooling––public, private, and yes, traditional homeschools. To give an idea, prep schoolers make up just 0.5% of the entire U.S. population, yet they are 100% of the last four presidents and some of the greatest tech-icon billionaires (think Gates, Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk). People assume this has to do with the $50,000-$100,000 tuition, but prep school success is a matter of methods, not means.

Blue Manor Academy is bringing this world of elite prep schooling to every homeschooler with internet access. And we are doing it for just $25 a month!

Student-led Learning

The child should not be formed to fit a standard curriculum; the curriculum should be formed to fit the child.

What sets elite prep schools apart from other schools?

A great curriculum must consider the abilities and interests of each child. At Blue Manor Academy, parents select content and set a pace that best suits their children. Parents can remove books and lessons, move them to another grade level, or add additional ones. There is no rigid learning schedule either, so children are free to learn at their own pace. Also, students can create a Kids-Teach-Kids channel where they can share their passions and what they are learning on their own outside of the Academy, and teach other children (which is the highest form of learning).

The Subjects of Greatness

“We will let other students win the geography bowls and spelling bees. At Blue Manor Academy, we only care about winning in the subjects of greatness.”–Britton LaTulippe

What are the subjects of greatness?

President Trump was notorious for misspelling words on social media. Some people mocked him for it, yet he was in the White House, and they weren’t. Every student must learn to read and write and do basic arithmetic to function in the world, but these are not the subjects that rule the world. World changers must master the subjects of greatness like Wealth, Leadership, Oration, Art, Genius, Wisdom, and Family, among other things. These “subjects of greatness” are Blue Manor Academy’s specialty!

The Online Advantage

Blue Manor Academy’s model of online homeschooling is the future of education. The benefits are endless: the ability to meet like-minded Christian children from across the United States and from other countries, the ability to take your school with you wherever you go, live classes, recorded classes (in case a student misses the live class), video-learning, audiobooks, learning games, auto-testing and grading, instant records, affordability, and much more!


There is no greatness without God, and faith is the greatest gift we can give our children. “For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?” Blue Manor is a non-denominational Christian Academy. Our curriculum is interwoven with Bible knowledge, study, memory, apologetics, history, science, and character while letting parents and churches teach creeds and doctrines of their choosing. 

Character is King

Academic achievement shows the world what a man knows, but character reveals who he is. Elite prep schools have long known that a child’s future is determined more by their character than by their test scores or GPA, which is why they train spirit and mind equally. Blue Manor Academy includes robust character forming through stories centered on wisdom, virtues, and Biblical teachings.  

Great Books Curriculum

While most other schools have ignored the world’s “great books” and formed curricula from industrial textbooks (good for profit, bad for learning), Blue Manor Academy has stayed true to the classics.

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Raising Children for Greatness