Revealing School

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The most controversial book on American education ever written: Revealing School thoroughly chronicles the history, problems, and psychology of American schooling like you’ve never heard before, with stories from the author’s own life experience in 3 very different types of schools. You’ll never think about school the way same again!



Adult / 469 pages / Print (Paperback); Digital PDF

Discover what school is really doing to children, and for what purpose. Then you will know why wealthy families around the world are shelling out $30,000, $40,000, even $50,000 a year on elite prep schools. Think about that. Over 12 years, that’s half a million dollars just to keep one of their kids out of the public school system. They must know something about education that you don’t. This book reveals what they know, and more.

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1 review for Revealing School

  1. Ben Pearson

    This book was a great read. Well written and easy to follow. This book brought up some very strong points regarding public education and how it can affect your child. It also had great information on the history and the curriculum of public education. I was shocked by the original purpose of our public education system and the intent of the founders of public education. This book was very informative. At this point, I do not agree with everything in the book but it has opened my eyes to some very questionable practices by our public education system. I recommend this book to anyone with school age children.

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