5–Minute Phonics (print)

Blue Manor Phonics is everything your child needs to become an accelerated reader. And don’t worry, the Blue Manor system is super easy to teach! There are hundreds of good phonics programs out there, but none are this simple. Blue Manor Phonics is broken into 120 5-minute lessons, which are further broken down into simple steps. Parents and teachers, with this system, you will never have to plan a lesson, and you won’t need any teaching experience. Just follow the steps for 5 minutes each day, and be amazed at how quickly your child becomes an advanced, confident reader! Check out our FULL Phonics Set including Early Readers! Teaching a child to read is the ultimate head start. The strong reading foundation you lay now will ensure that your child excels in the future, as reading is a unique skill – essential in all other subjects. Reading will also open a world of books, full of adventure and wonder. Happy reading!

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Ages 3+ / 174 pages/ Print (Paperback)

2 reviews for 5–Minute Phonics (print)

  1. Jamie

    What a wonderful book to teach your children how to read! The layout is simple and uncluttered which helps focusing on the letters.

  2. Lisa Griffin

    Love this book! It breaks down very simply how to teach phonics to young children. I am definitely going to be using this with my 3 year old!

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