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Since you purchased our penmanship workbook, you will be developing your child's fine motor skills and writing abilities, but what about the other subjects like reading?


Teaching a child to read is the ultimate head start.

Blue Manor Phonics is everything your child needs to become an accelerated reader. 

There are hundreds of good phonics programs out there, but none are this simple. Just follow the steps for 5 minutes each day, and be amazed at how quickly your child becomes an advanced, confident reader!


The book covers all the letter sounds, combinations, words and punctuation that they will need to know for preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade.

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As a parent who cares about their child's accademic future, I am sure you know just how crucial the first five years of your child’s development are – that those first five years will have a far greater impact, for good or bad, than any other stage of development.


That's why compiled everything that your preschooler needs to know into one comprehensive curriculum set.

As I was looking for resources to use with my own children, I found bits and pieces of what I wanted in several different places, but nothing that was all-inclusive AND easy to use.

I first started this program for my own children. After seeing how much they learned after just a short period of time, I knew I had to share it with other parents. 


I've spent years testing and adjusting it, as I discovered new or improved ways to present the material. Now we have a finished product that you will find is highly accelerated, yet easy to teach and easy to learn.

If you want to give your child a tremendous head start and you can spare 15 minutes a day, then Blue Manor's Christian Preschool Curriculum is the perfect solution.

Our preschool curriculum is designed to help ambitious parents like you give your child an elite physical, intellectual and spiritual foundation – a foundation that lasts a lifetime.


Parents love our preschool curriculum because it requires no lesson plans and no teaching experience, while producing outstanding results. 


After completing this set, your child could skip Kindergarten! They will be reading, writing, and doing math equations at a first grade level and beyond!

This Set includes 9 paperback books: 

  • 5-Minute Phonics: Ages 3-7 / 174 pages
  • 5-Minute Math: Ages 3-9 / 188 Pages
  • Phonics Early Readers (Level 1): Ages 3+ / 53 Pages
  • Phonics Early Readers (Level 2): Ages 4+ / 85 Pages
  • Manners, Leadership & Logic: Ages 3-9 / 36 pages
  • Big Book of Character: Ages 3-9 / 52 Pages
  • Big Book 2 of Character: Ages 3-9 / 46 Pages
  • Big Book 3 of Character: Ages 3-9 / 43 Pages
  • Aesop’s Fables: Ages 4-12 / 52 Pages

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Books Included:

5-Minute Phonics

Blue Manor Phonics is broken into 120 5-minute lessons, which are further broken down into simple steps. Parents and teachers, with this system, you will never have to plan a lesson, and you won’t need any teaching experience. Just follow the steps for 5 minutes each day, and be amazed at how quickly your child becomes an advanced, confident reader! 

Early Readers

Our early readers are designed to compliment the 5-Minute Phonics system! After your child starts reading his first words in Level 1, he will be able to read the words in his first book! These books are fun and exciting book confidence-boosters for young readers. LEVEL 1 contains 6 stories: A Pet Pup, Dog Tags, Cat and Rat, Bad Dog, Crab’s Band, and Pig’s Pen. LEVEL 2 includes: Frog’s Snack, Frog’s Trip, Frog’s Swim, Hopping Mess, Pretty Bug, and Kip’s Hunt. 

5-Minute Math

This informational workbook is designed to be the simplest, most pain-free elementary math program on the planet! Designed for children ages 3-9, the book will take them through a series of foundational lessons, starting with an introduction to numbers and counting, and progressing into shapes, values, place values, addition, subtraction, counting money, skip counting, multiplication, telling time, division, fractions, percents, decimals and angles.

Aesop's Fables

Master illustrator and storyteller Britton LaTulippe gives new life to Aesop’s timeless fables with amusing dialogues, clear moral lessons, and magical illustrations all created to excite the imagination while imparting age-old wisdom. Twenty of Aesop’s fables are included: Turtle & the HareLion & the MouseFox & the CrowGoose & the Viper, Two Proud GoatsWolf In Sheep’s ClothingLioness & Her CubThe Difference Between An Elephant & A RatThe Ambitious CrowWho Will Bell the Cat?The Sheep Who Cried “Wolf!”Eagle & the ArrowBear & the BeesGrasshopper & the AntCat’s PawThe Vulture’s Meal, Flies On HoneyBrother BullsSour Grapesand Kestrel & the Lady Eagle.

Character Development

Every child’s education should include a character curriculum. Blue Manor’s Character series is designed to develop a child’s understanding and desire to live according to the Godly virtues.

Our preschool curriculum set includes our four popular character-building books: Manners Leadership and Logic; Big Book of Character; Big Book of Character 2; Big Book of Character 3! Children love these entertaining stories and beautiful illustrations, and parents love the invaluable character lessons at the end of each story.

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